Artist`s Statement

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Working with oilpaints summer 2016.

Nanna Jalkanen

ARTIST`S STATEMENT as a short interview 2018

Why do you make art?
People with their egos, greed and want to control others can be very depressing. I have felt this strongly since I was a child. Art is necessary for me   TO SURVIVE.    
Art is about SHIFTING FOCUS, creating new real realities by thoughts and acts.

What is the most important thing in art?
CREATIVITY AND ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.  It is about freedom of choice. And in painting colour itself brings enjoyment through sense of vision.

What about your working process?
I want to be PRESENT when I paint. I set myself free to go with the flow in painting process. This again sounds easy but often I am preoccupied with thoughts of future or past and it is continuous learning to be present. When I am in a moment it also shuts down ego in me, the one that wants to control. It is also about creating a good environment to be able to be creative. Space where I work and people I am with are important.

What do you want the most?
HAPPINESS. It is not a loaded gun.